To The Editor:

Again, I will be the devil’s advocate. Greed is our god. Life means nothing. A motto of me, myself and I is destroying what little religious beliefs we have left.

Congress is a brotherhood of wealth. They care nothing about us, except our money. They want to add to their millionnaire pockets. Even college athletics want more than an almost free education.

Last time I checked public records, only 39 members of Congress were not millionnaires or better. Several past members are in jail or disgraced, but still receive a retirement benefit (yes, check). Those who have been forced to resign over the past 20-plus years, as a member of Congress, also receive benefits.

Big business is ripping us and the government off at a tune of billions of dollars. Their CEOs, even if caught, face little punishments. Many rewarded handouts because of bad business actions.

Our moral issues have gone lower than animals. We kill each other, without cause or regret. Laws mean nothing. A would-be mother can abort her baby. But if one kills an unborn child, that is murder — hypocrisy is it not?

The biggest reason our schools are in trouble is parent responsibility. Education is second to babysitting period.

The red light camera debate is stupid. Obey the lights, you’re adults. Therefore no tickets, right? The camera is not at fault, you are.