To The Editor:

In reply to the letter entitled Marijuana Leads To No Good End, I find it strange the writer tries to make a point concerning alcohol and marijuana which, in reality, is exactly the opposite of what she states.

The truth is there are many reasons and uses for the marijuana plant which God put on this earth and the only reason for alcohol ingestion is to either get an alcohol “buzz” or flat out drunk.

I have to believe by her “only reason” statement the writer fails to acknowledge legitimate medical uses, two of which are treatment for alcohol and tobacco addiction.

I’d like to educate her and other readers of like mind. I invite the computer literate to read the medical cannabis page on Wikipedia which contains a wealth of information. If the reality of a cure for half of lung cancer cases fails to convince, I ask they go to CNN’s site and search for Charlotte Figi. Only the heartless can deny cures and treatments so desperately needed.

I also invite all to read the book of Genesis in The Bible, particularly verses 1:11 and 1:29. Missouri’s current marijuana laws are a clear violation of the first amendment to the US Constitution for every Christian, as the plant has long been used as food and many other products.

In fact there isn’t only a burgeoning edibles industry in this country, but over 25,000 known industrial uses for this plant, including sustainable energy. Legalize.