To The Editor:

“Oh, What a Night.” Some of you might remember this song, or you have experienced a song/night like this.

The people of Washington had a chance to participate in a wonderful night of song at the Farmers’ Market Aug. 31.

Not only did we “groove” to the music, but we also helped our local food pantries. This event, “Foodstock,” is the brainchild of Pat O’Donnell. Being a musician himself, Mr. O’Donnell asked several of his musician friends to help him make this event a reality.

Eight bands, including his own, generously gave of their time and talents. Thus was born “Foodstock,” this year being the second annual festival. The only admission fee was a donation of canned goods, which would be given to the three local food pantries, St. Peter’s Food Pantry, St. Francis Borgia Food Pantry, and Loving Hearts Food Pantry.

Not only did the bands collect 5 1/2 pickup truckloads of food, but they also gathered $3,500 to be divided among the three pantries.

On behalf of all the pantries, we would like to give heartfelt thanks to the bands and the people of Washington for their awesome generosity.

St. Peter’s Food Pantry

St. Francis Borgia

Food Pantry

Loving Hearts