To The Editor:

As many communities and states begin to adopt smoke-free policies, it’s natural that we begin to discuss the issue in our own community.

Secondhand smoke in public places is a danger to everyone’s health. That’s the simple truth behind the thousands of smoke-free laws across the country.

Smoke-free ordinances simply ask smokers to step outside for the health of everyone. Five minutes outside isn’t a lot to ask to keep toxic smoke out of other people’s lungs.

The U.S. Surgeon General, numerous health organizations and doctors have confirmed that secondhand smoke causes cancer, heart disease and serious lung problems.

Too often when smoke-free policies are discussed, it becomes an emotional battle of smoking versus smoke-free.

There are those who oppose the law for economic reasons. However, the facts show that hundreds of cities around the country have not been put at a financial disadvantage by enacting a smoke-free policy.

It’s time to move our community forward and protect everyone’s right to breathe smoke-free indoor air.

Support a smoke-free Washington.