To The Editor:

In regard to the legalizing of marijuana, I’m not trying to beat a dead horse. Besides, that horse has been beat enough! It would seem Colorado and Washington have made the weed legal.

Colorado, for example, the closest state line to Missouri, and/or any state that borders Colorado that has not made the weed legal; does anyone else see the problems down the road?

Bootlegging or taking the marijuana across another state line is going to happen! Making it legal here in Missouri would eliminate a lot of legal headaches for the consumer and law officials too!

Interstate 44 has been noted as a drug corridor; could I-70 be the new interstate for the traffic?

A fellow worker of mine violated his parole for some kind of heroin use. If marijuana was legal, would we see heroin use diminish and/or the meth use and cooking also? What happens when state troopers along I-70 make any vehicles random pullovers?

Perhaps Missouri could study the way Colorado handles their new legalization system and see what works and what doesn’t. How about a mass exodus of Missouri residents moving to Colorado because pot is legal? That would be a lot of taxpayers paying taxes in some other state.

Missouri’s unemployed and poor rural areas could benefit from making pot legal. We could actually have people put food on the table, clothes on their kids and not have to lean on welfare and food stamps, etc.. I like Missouri, and  don’t want to move to Colorado.