To The Editor:

I’m old enough to remember the Red Scare of the 1950s. That was an hysterical fear that communism was taking over the United States and the rest of the world.

As I drive around and see those red signs urging folks to vote yes on Amendment 1, I can’t help thinking about how powerful a tool fear can be and how people can be made to vote against their best interest.

The fear we had back in the 1950s was that we would be under the control of a communist dictatorship and have no local rights or ownership of our property.

Ironically, if Amendment 1 passes on Aug. 5, we will lose those rights, but not to a communist political system. We will be ceding local control to multinational corporations eager to build large-scale animal production facilities all over Missouri.

Local county and city governments will have no power to stop the horrible pollution those factory farms produce. And homeowners will not be able to stop them from building next door.

Please read the fine print before voting for Amendment 1. Ask any real Missouri family farmer how many friends have had to give up raising hogs because of those huge pork companies such as Smithfield. And ask them if they know who bought Smithfield recently. Answer: a Chinese company. One Chinese corporation already has bought up 50,000 acres of Missouri farmland. How ironic that the “vote yes” signs are red.

The Missouri Farmers Union opposes this so-called “right to farm” constitutional amendment. That group represents the real farmers, not huge companies masquerading as champions of our freedom.

For more information, go to Read how deceptive and dishonest this “right to farm” thing is.