To The Editor:

I’m writing this letter in regard to a good deed that has been blessed upon me.

Every year, for the past seven years, in the month of December, I have received a gift card in the mail for $100. It comes simply wrapped in a piece of thick paper, with no return address. On the envelope is a typed label with my address on it.

Last year I did not receive one, however, my family and I were in the process of moving.

This year I received a gift card in the same manner as it always appears in my mail, sent from the post office in Downtown Washington. This year it was different. It was for $200. I don’t know who is sending me these year after year. I have tried to figure it out, but have been unsuccessful.

I just want them to know how much their kindness means to me. We are a struggling family and whether it is meant for me to spend on myself or not, with it I am able to give my children those few things that I would normally not be able to afford. It makes me cry just thinking about this gift that I have been given.

I just want the person sending them to know how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness. It is good to know that I mean that much to someone or that something I have done has made that big of an impact or impression on someone else’s life. There are no words that can compare to the amount of gratitude I have for this person and what they have given me.

I have never had much faith in humankind, but this continuing act has changed that. For a struggling mother of five, who has never had or been given much, this one piece of mail means the world.

So to whoever you are, I thank you with all of my heart.