To The Editor:

Last weekend, Ameren ran a full page ad in The Missourian claiming that the toxic coal ash dump they are proposing to build in the Labadie floodplain is “good for the environment.”

Really, I would love to see the study that proves that it will make our water cleaner, increase our property values, and improve the health and well-being of my family and our neighbors.

Thank you to the 150-plus people who attended the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MODNR) hearing on the landfill at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Washington to hear the 99 percent of those who asked the state agency to not issue Ameren a construction permit to build the dump in the floodplain.

LEO and LEO supporters have never said that Ameren does not need a dump, because they do and a landfill would be safer than a leaking, oozing, unlined pond.

They produce over 500,000 tons of toxic coal ash every year — about 20 percent of all the coal ash produced in the state, because of their dependence on only coal to produce electricity. A well-designed dump would be out of the floodplain and at least 2 feet above the water table in that location.

What we have said is that Ameren should be responsible and build the landfill in a safe location, away from our drinking water.

Maybe Ameren should use some of the money spent on slick TV and print ads to redesign their coal ash dump to be truly “state of the art” and safe.

In light of all the coal ash contamination reports from around the nation and the resultant multimillion dollar settlements … it would be not only logical and responsible, but would make good business sense.