To The Editor:

The column, “I Have to Tell You,” written by the Pacific editor of The Missourian and printed in the Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014, issue, questioned the $12,156,202 attorney bills the city of Pacific paid over the last seven years (during the Adams/Selby Administration). The hourly rate was not in question, only the total amount.

City officials will tell you, all this legal advice was necessary “to keep from being sued.” The city officials need to know, they and the city, can be sued regardless of the advice they get from the city attorney.

In all fairness, the city attorney charged the city for the work he did, at the request of either the mayor, city administrator, aldermen, city officials or employees. It has been said, the city attorney is “brilliant.” He can argue any question pro or con. Isn’t that what all attorneys do? Past articles in The Missourian indicated the advice he gives is almost always in favor of the mayor’s and aldermen’s position.

The mayor had the city hall remodeled and enlarged (Unbelievable), which cost over $3,000,000 to construct. How much are all the other costs? In 20 years when this will be paid, the total costs will probably be over $4,000,000 and the taxpayers had nothing to say about it.

For several years, the house and property at 115 E. Osage St., Pacific, had been vacant and for sale, but no one was interested in buying it. Pacific’s mayor and aldermen bought it for the city for about $195,000. The city had no use for the property! Guess what? Since the city has owned this property it has been vacant and for sale. No one is seriously interested in buying it.

From what I have read in The Missourian, over the past seven years, it’s obvious the mayor and aldermen are very careless when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money.