To The Editor:

Once again the Washington School Board is looking into the same bond issue as before.

As a group in charge of public education, you’d think they’d be able to learn themselves.

Instead, the board is convinced that the voters weren’t educated enough to know better. This is an insult.

Many of the letters to the editor in opposition came from teachers — many of whom hold master’s degrees. They knew a bad plan when they saw it.

In addition, the board keeps saying that because of the failure of the bond issue they must use trailers. Trailers were going to be used anyway as construction is a two-to-three-year process.

Yet the school district makes it sound as if buildings would have appeared overnight to solve space issues.

Bond issue money also cannot be spent for operating funds, yet the news articles seem to confuse the two when discussing revenue shortages.

I do not know how many new members joined the task force, but there seemed little point as it is clear the district is not open to new ideas or looking into how to build a high school (which would be ideal) — eliminating that idea immediately rather than reaching out to other districts to see how they managed.

The school district is truly being short-sighted.

I voted no and will continue to vote no until the district gives me something I can support, even if it costs more.

It’s the district that needs to learn here, not the voters.

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per author’s request.