To The Editor:

As we read through the editorial in last Wednesday’s paper during our Washington Athletic Association auction meeting, everyone nodded in agreement at the beginning with all the points mentioned.

Although I do not agree that the football/soccer field is an embarrassment, we all can agree with the fact that WHS-sponsored track meets held at sites other than Washington is an embarrassment. To the defense of the school board, the Athletic Association was shown a proposal in March 2011 with a new sports complex (including a new track) that would have been built last summer if the bond issue would have passed in April 2011.

The voters decided the school district was not important. We were then informed last fall that if at least one of the proposals brought up in the April 2013 election were approved, there was the possibility of the overhaul of the football/soccer and track areas. Unfortunately, these things take time and planning and voter approval and consequently, are not completed overnight.

The Athletic Association also agreed that it would love to have more volunteers to help raise money. However, if you spoke with most organizations in the area, they would all agree that they would love to have more help. It is just the way things are. However, the group of people we have helping out with the association currently and in the past, give 100 percent of themselves although they also have jobs, families, other organizations (as well as trying to watch our children play a sport).

They have provided a nice sign to light up the front of the gymnasium, topnotch scoreboard, a first-class weight lifting area and a new press box to name a few. We have even gone out and purchased a new zero-turn lawn mower to help the coaches cut down on the amount of time they spend cutting the grass. I do not think we would expect to receive any more support from these parents than what they currently give.

Like I said, everyone was fine with the article until those last two paragraphs.

I guess the first item we need help understanding is “How you would like Washington’s Athletic Association to be more like Borgia’s?” Were you referring to the number of people who help out or the amount of money that is donated? I do not think we can change the economic structure of our alumni so we will concentrate on the number of people who get involved.

In talking to members of Borgia’s Athletic Association, they seem to have the same issues as WHS does with a limited amount of help. I would agree that most of Washington’s association is made up of parents of current athletes whereas Borgia has a group of dedicated volunteers whose children graduated years ago, but I think overall, the numbers of volunteers are similar.

My other question is, “Was a similar article written three or four years ago when Borgia was not able to hold track meets because its track was too small and had patchwork all over? Was there an article that asks Borgia’s Athletic Association to be more like Hermann’s or Sullivan’s Athletic Association that had a new track and field?

The point is, everyone has a moment in time when the current facility is in need of a major renovation and it does not make sense to stick any more money in the complex until it is overhauled. I believe most people understand that before things can get better, there is a period of discomfort.

Lastly, we had hoped to get a response back to The Missourian sooner, but we have been busy preparing for our annual auction April 27. If you still feel Washington’s Athletic Association could benefit from being more like Borgia’s, we meet every second Wednesday of the month at the Knights of Columbus at 7 p.m.