To The Editor:

After reading the article about the $2,000 needed to pay for promoting tourism in St. Clair, I felt compelled to write.

Although we are not actual citizens of St. Clair (we live in Lonedell), three of my husband’s children graduated from St. Clair schools.

I do most of my shopping (food) in St. Clair and also do my banking, take my pets to the vet, and get my hair cut in St. Clair. I do not see anything that is even remotely related to tourism. Sure, you have a nice park or two, but most towns have that.

The river does not run through St. Clair. The old Main Street has more empty storefronts than businesses. St. Clair does have Route 66 running through it, but there really isn’t much there in the way of tourism.

The hot and cold water tanks are cute, but not really a draw. Save your money, St. Clair, or put it to good use for the schools or promoting the businesses that are already there.