To The Editor:

The complex “Immigration Reform Bill” (the amnesty bill) being discussed in Congress includes 1) providing a means for 11 million illegal immigrants (aliens who enter illegally and/or refuse to leave) to progress toward U.S. citizenship, and 2) hoping to slow the increase of illegal immigrants.

The proposed bill is unwise, shortsighted and naive. This complex array of rules in one bill is unmanageable and incomprehensible, without understanding what really will be accomplished (like ObamaCare). What we can clearly see is that it will further drain the United States of its wealth (maybe an additional 11 trillion, plus inflation).

At least 4 billion people in the world would love to come to America — to enjoy our liberties, our jobs and 80 giveaway programs — to name some of the reasons this bill has broad concerns.

Why not welcome the illegals? 1) Some say we need cheap labor. Then why do we cry “Jobs! Jobs!” for our own citizens of all ages? Maybe manual labor is now beneath our collective dignity. 2) Some say immigrants will bring needed talents. America has lots of talent and trustworthy immigrants are still bringing their talents — legally. 3) In any case, good jobs come from successful businesses. So let’s make laws which promote American businesses, which will then create good American jobs. 4) If we need more workers, then let’s stop killing our own children. 5) Some say immigration is political ...

We are a nation of very compassionate people. But true compassion comes through voluntary giving, not progressive taxation; 300 million compassionate Americans cannot maintain even a small portion of the world’s 4 billion people without collapsing the whole nation. Open borders will soon degenerate to bankruptcy for all. In fact, we are practically there already. And open borders are allowing the spread of communicable diseases nationwide. We are losing our ability to be compassionate.

No prosperous nation can survive with open borders. We must seal our borders from illegal entry. This must be done immediately. After the borders are effectively secured, then we can talk about solving the 11 million illegal alien problem; 11 million illegals will quickly become 20 million if we do not seal the borders now. Amnesty is not a civil right.

The “Gang of Eight” is trying to sell the U.S. citizens a monster bill of goods without wisdom ... We are looking at the face of a locked-in progressive voting majority, inflation reminiscent of the Kaiser’s Germany, dependence on big government, and a decline in personal responsibility and incentive. Glorified promises without wisdom are empty promises.

Hold the line at the border. This administration and Congress must not thumb their collective noses at the Constitution and the rule of law. The Constitution does not give the U.S. government the power to ignore its own law. Please do not be intimidated by various forces on both sides of the aisle who love to exhibit compassion by taxation — to secure their own jobs.