To The Editor:

Hats off! And a big thank you to the Washington City Council members who had the leadership and political courage to drop the annexation.

After careful study of the annexation, including detailed reviews of financial, economic development, transportation, and other city services, they concluded that an involuntary annexation is not financially or otherwise justifiable at this time.

Putting an abrupt end to the annexation exercise, after more than a year, sends a clear message not to spend any more of the city’s time and resources on it. It’s time to move on.

Forced annexations are never popular, but in this case, they were strongly opposed by landowners and supporting city residents. We sincerely appreciate that the city council members considered our perspectives in their decision-making process.

Washington is a wonderful city! Let’s use already available industrial, commercial, and residential resources to grow the city on its own merits of job opportunities, affordable housing, and attractiveness, and let’s use voluntary annexation over time, not “land grab” annexation.

Thank you, again!


Dave and Cindy Frick, Al and Nancy Fischer, Roger and Doris Koch, Kathy Steinbrink, Watermann Farm, Jim Geisert.

Lisa Mayer, Charlie and Dorothy Eckelkamp, Jerome and Kathy Maune, Ray and Linda Schroeder, Tom Sullentrup, MFA Co-Op, Corey and Nicole Schroeder, Dennis Alfermann, Bernie and Cynthia Westhoelter, Dave and Theresa Buchmann.