To The Editor:

Now that the fall season is upon us, I am reminded that in a few short weeks the Batmans and princesses, as well as the goblins and ghouls, will be out celebrating their one night of trick or treat.

Having three small children in my family, I naturally worry about their safety.

I am writing you this letter to suggest that some of our schools, churches or civic organizations promote “Trunk or Treat.” Trunk or Treat is a safer way for children to enjoy that special night by going from car to car in a parking lot or festival area.

People who participate in these usually dress in costumes (although you don’t have to) and decorate their vehicle. A lawn chair, a blanket for your lap, hot cup of coffee and you’re good to go.

There is a reduced amount of worry because they are in a confined area instead of in the yards and on the streets. There is a town in Texas that uses the local fairgrounds and has a bonfire with cocoa and cookies. They also offer warm cider. It is very large and a huge success.

While we still have five or six weeks to organize it and get it out there, it is really something to think about.