To The Editor:

I walk my dog around Lions Lake every day and what I see there is disgusting!

There is trash in and around the lake all the time. I find beer/soda cans, bottles, cigarette butts/packs, fastfood wrappers, empty plastic bread bags, and much more litter.

I voluntarily pick it up and dispose of it. The next day there’s more trash. Why can’t everyone just clean up after themselves and/or their kids?

After my walk today I stumbled onto one of the pavilions where someone had a birthday party. I found a plastic party bag, plastic toys, popped balloons, napkins, etc., lying on the ground.

I picked up all the garbage and disposed of it in the trash can. If you have a party outside at the lake — clean up after everyone!

I am very discouraged with the way people are destroying Lions Lake. The ducks and geese live in this place.

Please do your part and put your trash and dog waste in the trash cans that are provided by the city of Washington.