To The Editor:

Washington missed an opportunity to support one of the local businesses.

During a recent Downtown Washington event held at the Farmers’ Market, there was a St. Louis beer distributor selling foreign-owned beer (InBev) to the great folks of our community. While two blocks away is a brewery (John G’s Tap Room) that brews only American-owned beer.

Why not support the local business instead of one in St. Louis. The tax dollars, insurance premiums, and the employment all stays here in Washington.

The proprietors of John G’s have raised thousands of dollars for the rehab of the downtown post office; they have filled a vacant building downtown after it closed; all to keep Washington attractive and a place where people, locals and tourists, want to come visit.

If Washington, Inc. doesn’t wake up and start supporting local American-owned businesses at local events, then how can they expect anyone to support the town of Washington when they can’t do it themselves.

Buy local and buy American.