To The Editor:

I am sure all of the people who live in the proposed forced annexation areas are not happy to hear they are all considered to be subsidized freeloaders by the city administrator, Jim Briggs, and ex-mayor, Dick Stratman.

I guess their goal is to put everyone in those areas on a big guilt trip and try to win through intimidation.

Mr. Briggs has a reputation for that. I have had to deal with both of them over the years and I would describe them as very good politicians if the definition is being very good at talking out of both sides of the mouth. According to the article in the paper about tempers flying at the annexation open house meeting, it sounds like there are quite a few other people who do not place a whole lot of trust in him either.

Almost all of the areas the city wants to swallow up were considered country not too many years ago. Country — where people were free to farm or hunt. If you choose to live in the country you know you will have to dig a well for water and provide a septic system. These people have done that at no small cost. Now I understand they have to spend money to get rid of them since they are not allowed in the city limits.

I think it will only be a matter of time before hunting is outlawed by the city and they will put many unwanted restrictions on farmers. Many of these people will have severe lifestyle changes forced on them.

I think voting on the annexation issue should be limited to only those who will be affected by it and not the people in the city who really can’t relate to the feelings of those whose lifestyle will be greatly affected by it.

Most of those subsidized freeloaders I’m sure spend a lot of money in the city and the city benefits from the sales taxes. I’m sure they support the churches they belong to. If they use one of the private schools they pay for it. They pay property taxes, private property taxes, school taxes, and gas taxes like everyone else. I don’t consider that to be a subsidized freeloader.

I agree fire protection for those outside of the city is somewhat of a problem. A yearly fee to the Rural Fire District should be mandatory and not voluntary and it probably needs to be raised. I think most of them would rather pay more than be annexed because of it. Also an extra charge at the landfill most would find acceptable.

If the people who live outside the city limits are considered subsidized freeloaders, I’m sure some of the small towns around Washington would be more than happy to see them come and shop in their towns.

If annexation gets voted in and new lines are drawn, are all the people who live outside those lines now the new subsidized freeloaders?