To The Editor:

While I agree with much of Jo A. Wyatt’s letter to the editor about moral decline of our nation, I have to take exception that it requires being a Christian to have moral values.

Does she claim that a Muslim is evil? Does she claim that a Buddhist is evil? Does she claim that an agnostic is evil? Does she claim that an atheist is evil?

If so, perhaps she should look at history and explain all the wars that religion has been one of, if not the only, reason for fighting, torture and killing. Or just look at recent times. George W. Bush, who claims to be a born again Christian, declares war on Iraq without cause, invades Afghanistan without cause. Allowed the torture and imprisonment of thousands of innocent people. Allowed the killing and maiming of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Ms. Wyatt certainly is correct that a nation that refuses to teach its children right from wrong and good from evil will become a corrupt nation. But it certainly doesn’t require being a Christian to accomplish this. It takes parents to teach these values.

As an agnostic I have no problem with people reading the Bible or praying wherever they please. Having the motto “In God We Trust” doesn’t bother me either.

As an employer I do not question my employees about their beliefs or force my belief on them. I simply expect them to do the right thing. My parents taught me to do the right thing and respect the rights of others.

Perhaps Christians should recognize that those of other beliefs (or no belief at all) are not evil people and it doesn’t take being a Christian to be a good person.