To The Editor:

About the proposed Route 47 Missouri River Bridge, I first want to thank The Missourian for providing a hyperlink for MoDOT’s PDF file containing images and information of the proposed bridge.

I noticed that the pedestrian/bicycle trail is located on the western edge of the bridge adjacent to the southbound lane to Washington.

Please forgive me — I am not the greatest fisherman in the world — so please correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t we want the trail on the eastern edge of the bridge?

The Missouri River flows west-to-east there so, with an eastern edge trail adjacent to the northbound lane to Warren County, fishing lines will go out away from the bridge.

However, with the proposed western edge trail, fishing lines will go under the bridge which I believe would make it considerably more difficult to fish.

Just something to think about.

After the years of waiting and over a million dollars at stake, I would hate for fishermen to not be able to enjoy the bridge and have the bridge be another example of government mismanagement and waste.