To The Editor:

I must take exception to the Nov. 9 letter to the editor by James Shuls of the Show Me Institute.

In his letter, Mr. Shuls states that if he had been elected to a local school board, he would have had to join the Missouri School Boards’ Association.

The decision to join MSBA is made by local boards of education as a whole and is voluntary. No school board in the state is required to belong to MSBA or to spend any money with the association.

He accurately states that MSBA was among many groups that strongly opposed HB 253, the harmful tax cut bill that would have threatened the ability of the state to fund public schools and other essential services.

The MSBA Delegate Assembly, made up of local school board members from districts throughout the state, has taken a strong stand opposing legislation that would jeopardize state funding for our schools.

By any measure, Missouri has been and continues to be a very low-tax state. Cutting state taxes even more is a recipe for disaster and will damage our ability to provide students with the education they need and deserve.

MSBA makes no apology for supporting adequate state resources to fund our schools.