To The Editor:

The race hustlers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and even now our president, keep agitating for “justice” for Trayvon Martin.

What about “justice” for Zimmerman?

He was put on trial by the political pressure from the race hustlers even though all the evidence indicated that he was defending himself in fear for his life. Now that he has been found innocent by a jury of his peers, after a rigorous prosecution where all the evidence was laid on the table, the agitators won’t accept the verdict.

Zimmerman and his parents will probably have to stay in hiding in fear for their lives for years to come. His life has been ruined and he probably faces future lawsuits, both civil and federal.

Eric Holder never loses an opportunity to prove white people are all racists, never mind the facts involved. So he will probably figure some way to indict Zimmerman for something and even if he fails to convict, he will still ruin Zimmerman financially and emotionally.

This whole episode has been tragic for both the Martin and Zimmerman families, but it is time for more of the country to show support for Zimmerman and let him get on with his life though forever marred he certainly is.