To The Editor:

To add to the list of people who sit in the car in a handicapped parking spot, my husband was sitting in the car in the Target handicapped parking space today and was chewed out by an elderly women who “has a cane.” There were plenty of spaces in the row but she objected to him sitting in the handicapped one.

I am 80 years old and have Parkinson’s. My family has asked me to stop driving so that I don’t hurt not only myself, but other people should I get in a wreck. I don’t think I need to but I am honoring their request. This means my 82-year-old husband has to drive me where I want to go.

I can only go to stores that have electric carts as I cannot walk too great a distance. Also, most stores that have carts or don’t have carts, do not have any chairs to sit in should one get tired. My husband has had a bad back for approximately 50 years but it is especially bad the last several years. So bad that he can hardly walk or stand two minutes anywhere. He was just at a back surgeon last week and was told that back surgery was the only answer for permanent relief but that was risky.

I wonder where the “cane” lady thought he should have gone. Hide in the backseat so he wouldn’t be seen? We both look fairly healthy but we hurt tremendously and don’t always use a cane as she claimed she did, I guess giving her priority over us.

You need to mind your own business and stop judging others as long as they have the proper handicap plate or paper hanger.

Union Resident

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.