To The Editor:

We would like to publicly thank the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the alert motorist who called the sheriff’s department after hearing our home alarm. Their quick thinking and fast response to the burglary on Sept. 30 resulted in the apprehension of the man who broke into our home.

Deputies Jerod Blankenship and Rob Gibson were very professional and explained to us someone had called in about our alarm sounding. They checked our home and made sure it was secure before we entered. We discovered a jewelry box was missing. The deputies did some checking and discovered the same man who broke into our home about a year ago had been released from prison and walked away from a safe house. Within a little over 24 hours they had apprehended the man and recovered most of our jewelry.

Detective James Briggs was also very professional by keeping us informed with the investigation. He found some of our jewelry at a gold buying company in St. Louis and some in a ditch on a county road.

We are so thankful to Deputy Blankenship, Deputy Gibson, Detective Briggs, Sheriff Toelke and his entire staff of deputies for their professionalism and what they do to keep us safe.