To The Editor:

Everyone in the proposed annexation areas pays a fee to get into the public pool and pays for fire protection. Residents have wells and septic systems.

Annexation will provide these things but at higher cost. Think of it this way, one gas station has gasoline at $4.50 a gallon and directly across the street is a station for gasoline at $3.50 per gallon. You have a right to choose which station to stop at, but I bet most people would choose to save the dollar a gallon.

Residents in the proposed annexation areas are content and do not want to be forced to purchase services they already pay for at a higher rate. Living outside the city limits has its benefits and its limitations. Those are things that the residents in the proposed areas have come to accept.

They have chosen to live outside the city limits for a reason. They are not anti-Washington; they shop, worship, and enjoy the services Washington has to offer and they pay for those services like everyone else.

What I don’t understand is the “support our future” signs? How is the average resident of the city of Washington going to benefit by taking away the right for the residents in the proposed annexation area to choose. Supporting our farmers and rural areas seems like a better idea.

Instead of trying to expand the city limits, the city should work on keeping what it has and making improvements there.

The residents of the city have the opportunity to choose how to vote, please don’t take away the right of those outside the city limits to do the same.

Vote no on annexation.