To The Editor:

Why do conservatives tend to wholly ignore the George W. Bush presidency?

It’s as if the man — despite eight years in the Oval Office — was never president. Consider a conservative tally of presidential accomplishments and you’d swear the years of 2000 to 2008 were virtually a political vacuum, the singular highlight being Bush’s response to 9/11.


Because conservatives realize, still in dumbfounded and almost strait jacketed silence, that Bush quarterbacked a bungled hand-off to Obama, and Obama’s striven the last four years to gather back in that flawed hand-off.

Yet they’ll never say such, for the admission would mean their ideology (choosing someone as their standard-bearer based largely on privilege) led them to making a huge, irreversible mistake that will weigh heavily on this nation for decades to come.

Instead of blaming their own lack of political savvy and sounding, they blame Obama. It’s easy. It’s juvenile.

Sorry, conservatives, but this is on you. It’s what we’re all left with when you choose a president based on privilege, rather than application, talent, hard work. Oh, and recall this: pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps?

You made a malinformed decision in 1999 and — incredulously — repeated it in 2003, electing a coddled, spoiled brat for president. In the words of one of St. Louis’ favored sons, Yogi Berra: “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

Look in the rearview mirror. Your likely nominee this time around comes with no bootstraps as well.