To The Editor:

I traveled to our state Capitol to visit our local representatives this past week and observe them doing the work of the people.

Our state senator, Mr. Nieves, was studiously folding papers at his desk in the Senate chambers and depositing them in a wastebasket. He was one of three members present while two were presenting opinions on the floor to the Senate chair.

I and two other constituents go to his office for an audience with Mr. Nieves. His aide said he was busy but would try and reach him by cell phone. The aide said there was a vote on the floor and he wasn’t answering.

We learned he was preparing to go to Cincinnati on April 28 and 29 to attend the American Legislative Exchange (an ultra right-wing think tank) and was very excited about going.

Looking around his office, we see vulgar Obama cartoons, and the national health care bill piled on the receptionist’s desk, labeled “Obamacare.” One would think he must have bigger fish to fry.

Local concerns seem not to be on his agenda.

I go back to chambers, still not a whole lot going on. Nieves is smiling and having a good time with another member, not many present for a vote.

Our tax dollars at work.