To The Editor:

While the ObamaCare crapola gets crammed into our lives, there is a lot to be considered, and this is most likely old news.

This is another way for our government to show whose side it is on. To those who try to apply online, your personal information will not be personal for long. Who knows how many parties will share your personal info with whoever?

I may lean on “We the People” a lot, but the more we allow the federal government to take control of a lot of everyday life, that old quote will be obsolete! Isn’t freedom the basis for what America stands on?

If we continue to wave the white flag at whatever problems we have and ask the government to take over and help, are we not giving up and saying “We the People” can no longer manage on our own?

Yes, we have issues, we ask our government for help. We may get it, but it may cost us plenty in the long run. Our government should stop promoting democracy around the globe. It’s getting tossed out the window here at home more and more. Do we need to say farewell to “We the People?”