To The Editor:

As I listen to the conservative radio programs I know with a slight movement of the dial, I can get the other side. So, I am alarmed that the other side has no fear of what is happening in our education system. I would like some feedback as to how our local department of education is handling the infiltration of Muslim teachings.

I read enough to know the military and FBI have had sensitivity training which has changed what they say about Muslims. I know the White House has more Muslims visiting than the former president ever thought of entertaining.

On a recent radio program, the speaker is a fan of Michael Fox’s “Back to the Future” movies. He said a recent viewing on TV had censored the part about the Muslims from the movie. I don’t think the film broke.

One magazine I receive has an article about a converted Muslim author/poet living in St. Louis. He converted to Christianity. He was attacked by three Muslims, stabbed and the star of David was carved on his back (Israel My Glory Page 13, March/April 2012).

His attackers laughed as they quoted from his poem, “Cries From the Heart of the Holocaust.” The man recovered. His attackers were not caught.

The United Nations has more Muslims represented than I could count, and they hate Israel and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.