To The Editor:

Over 15 years ago, I visited the community of Washington for the first time. Immediately, I was captured by the town’s heritage, architecture, riverfront and its people.

In the 15 years since, I have moved to Franklin County and have adopted Washington as the home of my friends, my health care professionals, my veterinarian, my church, and so many people and places I enjoy.

Last year, I was in a serious car accident and spent months in the hospital and in therapy. When I returned, I was given a hug by Washington’s mayor, and she and her gifted artist husband helped me load a massive railroad painting they framed for me.

I was given hugs and welcomes by the staff of Straatmann Feed, and they ask each time I stop by how I am doing. The service staff at Hillermann Nursery gave me a new Stihl tool for changing the head on my trimmer when I lost mine.

The Chamber of Commerce and St. Francis Borgia are once again helping us at the Museum of Transportation as we invite classic cars to tour to Washington this fall.

Washington reminds me of the small Ohio town in which I was raised — rural, proud, kind, historic, agricultural and of strong German heritage.

I am so proud of that hometown and am so grateful to the citizens of Washington for inviting me to be at home in their town.