To The Editor:

Well I see another “concerned,” misinformed citizen got it wrong again with the so-called assault weapon giveaway by Brian Nieves.

The letter writer claims the AR 15 semiautomatic rifle is an assault weapon. The author claims that these rifles were or are made for the armed forces. Another fabrication in that no armed force anywhere in the world issues a semiautomatic to their troops.

Brian Nieves is absolutely correct that the rifle is not classed as an assault weapon. This is a lie put out by the anti-gun folks to make people think every black rifle is a machine gun. It isn’t so, folks. Plus, the AR 15 uses a magazine.

These firearms are not evil or scary as some would have you believe.

Sometimes evil people do evil things with them and that’s sad, but blaming an inanimate object for evil is silly.

Put aside your fear and learn about firearms.

Joe Murawski

Villa Ridge