To The Editor:

On the weekend of Sept. 15 the FFA (formerly Future Farmers of America) of the Franklin County area had a fund-raiser to help with projects in the work of their schools. They had food stands to sell food and drinks and other ways to raise funds.

On Sunday, in the afternoon, the Ozark Highlands Tractor Club helped sponsor a tractor pull in a successful way which included something over 100 hooks. I put several hours in flaging the pullers but there were others who put more into this more than I did. As I flaged I saw young pullers with T-shirts on from Owensville, Wentzville and other areas.

This is not the point of this letter. I believe these young people need to be thanked. Not only them but their teachers, their parents and others who worked with them. I saw manners in these young people I haven’t seen in a long time. I would encourage parents, if possible, to enroll your children in vocational agriculture. This will give them something valuable to do.

Thanks again to these young people, their parents and their advisers.

Doyle Shoemaker


(Charter member of Owensville High School FFA 1952-1954)