To The Editor:

We wish that the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and other groups would use their positions to promote Missouri as the good place to do business that it is. Instead, they’re hosting Gov. Rick Perry, who is actively trying to poach businesses from our state.

The Missouri Chamber says it fosters “positive economic development opportunities for Missouri employers.” We didn’t realize that it meant in Texas.

Representatives of the Missouri Chamber and other groups are actively promoting an out-of-state effort to encourage businesses to leave Missouri. What’s more, they’re spending millions of dollars to push extreme and ineffective tax cuts that would not benefit average Missourians and won’t create jobs, but would have long-term devastating impacts on families, communities, and our economy — all to pay for big tax cuts for profitable corporations and the very wealthiest.

The facts around HB 253 are clear — it’s a sloppily drafted piece of legislation full of errors that would actually cost Missourians millions. And despite the dog and pony shows of its well-funded supporters, it would do nothing to help create jobs in the Show Me State.

Missouri already has one of the lowest effective corporate tax rates and ranks highly on national surveys of good places to do business. Although the tax savings won’t be enough to create jobs, the tax cut will undermine Missouri’s ability to invest in education, transportation, and public safety needs that make our state attractive to business.

If the Missouri Chamber and its partners are successful in their attempts to push an override of HB 253, we may just become more like Texas — with more children and seniors living in poverty, a lower high school graduation rate, and more crowded classrooms.