To The Editor:

The Missourian scored big in last weekend’s edition with comments by both Charles Krauthammer and Dana Milbank.

Krauthammer, as usual, favors the United States going to war and condemns any actions by other world leaders to avoid war. He, Kerry and McCain must be good bedfellows. You won’t see any of them going off to war, but they don’t object to sending our young men and women to fight their battles. People should remember that war should be the very last resort and if it comes to that, it means that diplomacy and our leadership have failed.

As for Mr. Milbank, his facts regarding 9/11 are so wrong as to almost be comical except we lost thousands of lives. Hopefully, Mr. Milbank as well as many in Congress and the media may have to eat their hat one of these days. National polls indicate that almost half of the population now question the government’s story about the attack, on Sept. 11, 2001. With the story about Building 7 collapsing being promoted around the world this month this figure is expected to increase.

The public needs to realize that Sept. 11, 2001, was the only day in the history of the entire world that the laws of physics, chemistry, gravity and metallurgy ceased to exist. Amazing!