To The Editor:

“Our mission is to serve the seat of government by creating a protected environment in a manner that respects the rights of all persons: And to ensure safe conditions exist for state officials to fulfill their oath of office to all Missourians.” This is the mission and vision statement of the Capitol Police Force.

I emphasized and highlighted the “rights of all persons” because persons, i.e. voters, should also be treated with honesty, respect and courtesy when visiting their legislators in the state Capitol. Our local radio “shock-jock” representative for the 26th senatorial district, Brian Nieves, should read the Capitol Police’s mission statement.

On May 11, I and others stopped by his office in the Capitol to talk about educational issues and newly proposed bills pertaining to education in Missouri. Instead, I personally received 20 minutes of Mr. Nieves shouting at the top of his lungs, his very own “hip-hop” scatological rant. A tour-de-force of three-word epithets from “you f---- n Pr--k, to you f---- pu--y, you piece of f--k” etc., and other vitriolic variations that would make the most seasoned sailor blush.

What I experienced in Mr. Nieves’ office was a grown man acting like a playground bully. This from an elected official, who is addressed as the honorable senator, is a disgrace to the office he represents. Regardless of the anger he feigns about a newspaper opinion, this is no way for a sitting senator to be conducting himself in front of constituents or his staff.

I spoke with the Capitol Police and the Senate Pro Tem Sen. Mayer, and expressed my disdain of Mr. Nieves’ behavior, and asked if there was a process for a police complaint or a Senate Ethics Committee; sadly, no. Sen. Mayer said the only recourse is, “You all voted him in, now you’ll have to vote him out.”

I’m all for that to happen, but we are in for a long wait until the next election. Hopefully, we will elect someone who can fulfill their oath of office and “respect the rights of all persons.”