To The Editor:

The Missourian is to be highly commended for its wise and fair policy of publishing a wide range of diverse letters/opinions from readers on issues of the day.

By way of contrast, there are numerous other publications out there that while inviting reader response to their articles and trying to give the outward impression of being even-handed, actually and hypocritically serve as nothing more than blatant propaganda organs for a political agenda or cause toward which they are solidly biased and closed-minded.

To cite two glaring examples of such, the official publication of the University of Iowa Alumni Association, published exclusively for U of I alumni, recently featured a long article on global warming. The following issue carried several letters from readers who were in lock-step with the article. My letter, which was at odds with the aforementioned story, was not published.

Secondly, when an article in the national NEA magazine some time back referred blatantly to a state governor as a “goon,” I wrote a letter to the magazine strongly objecting to such a characterization by them as definitely crossing the line with such a crass gutter epithet for a duly elected top state official. Even though the magazine openly solicits reader response, my letter was not published.