To The Editor:

Ninety-four years ago on the 11th day of the 11th month, at 11 o’clock in the morning, church and other bells rang out loud and clear and men and women went home from work. What was the occasion? The guns fell silent on the battlefields of Europe. It was the end of World War I. This had been the most terrible war the world had ever known up to that time, and it was the prevailing notion of the day that it was the war to end all wars. We know how wrong that notion proved to be, as many wars have been fought since that time.

Nov. 11, then Armistice Day, was originally designated to commemorate the ending of World War 1. As history unfolded, this day, Armistice Day, was endangered as many more armed conflicts were forced upon us.

It was The American Legion that recognized America’s new war heroes and sponsored a bill changing Armistice Day to Veterans Day, a day to honor all ex-servicemen and -women. The bill passed Congress and was signed by President Eisenhower on June 1, 1954. Nov. 11 is now a day to honor all veterans, to honor the millions and millions of America’s sons and daughters who have served and are serving in their country’s uniform in time of war. Thanks to those gallant Americans who have served and are serving under the flag of the United States during these 94 years.

Every American, young and old, should pause and pay tribute to those who made the supreme sacrifice, those who died on battlefields. Let us remember too those who returned but now rest in sodded ground. Should we not think of those veterans in hospitals in sick beds throughout the land? Should we not also remember the families of those veterans who lost their lives and did not return?

On Veterans Day many organizations will be observing this day with parades, dinners, programs, etc. We commend the schools for observing this most important day by inviting the veterans to programs, presented by students, honoring the veterans, and thanking them for their service.

On this Veterans Day, 2012, let us all bow our heads in prayer and thank God for giving us those brave men and women to defend our great country.