To The Editor:

I’d like to explain why I will be voting no on Prop R.

Before you call me cruel and callous, let me say it’s not because I hate kids or because I hate teachers. Having attended and graduated from Washington High in 2003, I can say from personal experience that I had some great teachers, and I’m more than satisfied with the education I received during my time there. Although it’s been almost 10 years since my graduation, I’m sure there are still many wonderfully qualified faculty and staff working within the district. That being said, I cannot speak as favorably of the financial management of the school district as a whole and therein lies the reason I’ll be voting no on April 2.

The simple fact is I loathe government. I despise any form of government from the federal all the way down to, yes, even our school district. Truth is, one government entity is as bad as the other. They’re all wasteful and inefficient. There is no incentive for them to save money when all they have to do is go back to the poor taxpayer and hold out their hand for more. So why voluntarily give it to them? Cronyism and nepotism thrive in government and one doesn’t have to dig too deep or follow the dollar too far to see it happens within our local governments.

The reasons stated above are the reasons I’ll never vote to raise taxes on myself or my neighbor. A vote to give more money to any government is a foolish thing to do. One is simply sacrificing more of their liberty by doing so. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall once said, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” When a government is able to take even more money from people it eventually will destroy them, for the individual just gets smaller while the government gets bigger, more wasteful, more powerful, and more authoritative over the individual.

To me property taxes are one of the most totalitarian and unconstitutional forms of tax a government can impose. To think we have to pay every year on an item we’ve saved and worked hard to have is absurd at the least and downright frightening at worst. Once you’ve purchased something and paid the proper sales tax it should be yours not the state’s. We should not be merely renting our property from the state for that is called serfdom. Yet property tax is exactly how our district gets its revenue. Property values and assessments have been rising the last 20 years and yet the district is still broke and needing more? How can this be? Simple, they’ve not been responsible and good planners.

Am I the only one who gets ticked off every time I have to write a check for taxes? What are we even getting in return for our outrageous taxes these days? If you feel you’re not paying enough by all means just write a bigger check if that makes you feel so righteous. Just don’t force me to have to do the same.

I don’t care what promises they’re making this time or how well intentioned they are, giving them more money is not the answer. For the last 30 years in our country we’ve been constantly throwing more and more money at education yet not seeing the results we want. Education is a service provided to consumers no different than any other service in our economy. What we need is some simple free market competition in our education system. We need a school voucher system where the money is attached to the child. If we had this our schools would be forced to get lean and manage money well or they’d lose it. Since we don’t have a system like this, however, all we can do is not give them any more revenue and force them to be more responsible.

I’m not for depriving anyone of a quality education, but taxpayers and kids shouldn’t have to sacrifice what’s rightfully due to them just to pay for the mistakes and broken promises of an elected board of people who can’t say no. Please vote for liberty and vote no April 2.