To The Editor:

Open letter to Sheila Greenbaum, president of American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri —

Replying to your letter stating, “American people have had enough,” after 56 million babies slaughtered the past 40 years since the deadly decision of Roe v. Wade, the public is disheartened by the culture of death while thoughtful politicians are working for pro-life legislation.

We need to support these pro-life politicians since we have the most pro-death president using taxpayers’ money to pay for abortions against the will of the people.

Why complain about an ultrasound before having an abortion? Are you worried they will recognize the baby, not a glob of tissue as presented by abortion clinics?

Is the Civil Liberties Union worried about the dangers and even death facing these women entering an abortion mill? We have warning labels everywhere today. Maybe the ACLU should use its organization to provide warning labels for abortion clinics.

Hopefully, we can stop the murder of future generations after the last 40 deadly years.

Dolores Schwaller