To The Editor:

I have lived in Washington for three years, but have been involved in the education of children all my life: as student, as parent, as teacher, as administrator — all in a religious-based educational system.

I have always taught my students to gather information, make an informed decision, and then stand up for what you believe is right and just.

For the upcoming election, Prop R Right Now for Children, I have done my homework. There is a great need in the Washington Public School District to provide for adequate space for the good and safety needs of the children; there is an even greater need for the school district to provide improved student access to technology.

We must provide our young people with the tools they need to succeed in our global world in the 21st century. We are blessed to have so many different types of educational systems here in our little river town of Washington.

Each of these institutions is excellent and provide a solid basic education, and much more. As a past educational leader, I am impressed with the outreach for the community of Washington. So, I stand up and speak for the passage of Prop R. This only makes good sense for all of Washington’s citizens.