To The Editor:

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear two gay marriage cases early next year and the concepts of equality, fairness, constitutional rights, etc., will be hammered out by the lawyers on both sides of this complex issue.

The gay marriage advocates want to frame their arguments as fairness and equality to all Americans regardless of gender. Why shouldn’t gays have the right to marry with all of the legal protections that heterosexuals have always had? On the surface, it seems their arguments are rational, but is it truly that simple?

I’m not a lawyer or historian, just a simple man with what I believe are commonsense ideas and values. But I am appalled by the idea of men marrying men and women marrying women. It goes against the traditions, customs, values and religious stipulations of 6,000 years of recorded history. If one believes the Christian Bible, the first marriage was between Adam and Eve, the first two opposite sex human creations of God and the pattern for marriage was set for the course of all succeeding generations.

There are lots of reasons for this heterosexual family pattern, the most important being the upbringing of children with the valuable contributions that having both a father and a mother can best provide.

But as to the validity of the gay equal rights arguments. Gays marrying is not along the same lines of “rights” that we encounter when we think about or make laws concerning people of differing shades of skin color, or rights of men being arbitrarily different than rights of women. Not at all. Gays already have the same rights as everyone else; they can legally marry anyone of the opposite sex. So they are not being discriminated against. They are not being singled out and treated differently.

What gays really want is to be given special rights that are above and beyond every other ordinary citizen. They want the majority to redefine the definition of marriage to include what most people find morally and functionally objectionable.

It wasn’t that many years ago, that homosexuality, or gay sexual inclinations, was considered as a mental illness. I believe such inclinations are really a moral illness rather than a mental illness. There is something dreadfully wrong and even perverted about having sexual desires for someone of your own sex.

Obviously, if this unnatural desire would take full control of mankind, the whole human race would die out. Such contrary to nature desires are not good for our country or any country for that matter. Our country in the final analysis will only be as strong as our family structure.

As the traditional family structure breaks down, the country will slowly become more corrupt and ungovernable. We as a country are losing our way.