To The Editor:

I have lived in Augusta, Washington and currently reside in Marthasville.

I would like to urge the governments of Franklin, Warren and St. Charles counties to find a way to get the Augusta Bottom Road repaired and permanently opened. If the bridge is ever out at Highway 47 at Dutzow, anyone from the north side of the river can still get across the bridge by taking Highway 94 to Emke Road. This connects to the Augusta Bottom Road.

With the flooding this past spring, it is important to have as many options available to people for traveling to and from Washington. The bridge that serves these three counties is a vital link for students, jobs and shopping. The amount of traffic it carries every day, at all hours of the day, is amazing. With the plans for the new bridge being completed many years away, the Augusta Bottom Road can be a huge asset in making this region of each county unified.

It is a unique situation and shouldn’t be overlooked. Each county offers many advantages to this region — such as produce from Thierbach’s, an abundance of wineries, and a riverfront. Tourists come from all over to sample all of these, and to visit the Katy Trail.

Not every driver is comfortable on Highway 94 with its curves and hills, and prefer the Augusta Bottom Road. Personally, I would rather be traveling on the Augusta Bottom Road in bad winter weather, than on the hills of Highway 94. And when the Augusta Bottom Road was open, it was a delightful drive through the crops, to be near the river and to see the turn of seasons.

Before this road is gone for good, I hope that the three counties will view keeping the Augusta Bottom Road open as a real necessity and valued asset of this region.