To The Editor:

I usually take our Scenic Regional Library for granted. I love and respect it, but it is always there.

This winter I gained a newfound respect for what it can and does do regularly for us. My daughter lent me a book, “Wonder,” to read and in that book was the mention of another book I decided I wanted to read.

Scenic did not have it in its system so it borrowed “The Little White Bird” from the only place it could find it — Sacramento, Calif.! It was a very old book — I had no idea — but it was very good and told some of the tale of the beginnings of Peter Pan.

I had never read that book either and asked Scenic about it and again it stepped up to the plate and borrowed it from its co-op in Missouri.

A rough, snowy winter has passed more pleasantly because of the people and services we have at Scenic Regional Library.

I will vote for that increase in funding. It is a small price to pay for what we get in return.