To The Editor:

After reading the article in the Weekend, June 2-3 edition of The Missourian, I find it appalling to believe that depending on the “extracurricular activity” you’re involved with, dictates your “worth.” Conversely, there are others within the school system, who without ever receiving any compensation, sponsor activities not mentioned in the article, and spend countless hours after school, evenings and weekends helping students realize the benefits of being involved with something, other than a “compensated extracurricular activity.”

It was mentioned in the article that there is a finite amount of money that is available for the 2012-13 school year, and because contracts have been extended and approved that adjustments can’t be made. It seems to me that a few weeks ago the superintendent wanted to leave to draw his retirement from Missouri, and a salary from Arkansas, but was hired back through an emergency meeting, obviously creating an amendment to the budget. Maybe Mr. Nunn was right.

In reviewing the article, it is hard to ascertain if everyone who receives extra duty pay was included, as it only mentioned the highest and lowest percentages. This letter is being written with the intent of fairness to all within the R-13 School District, and not to favor coaches and the band director as the “elite” of the employees, of our school district. Too, it was mentioned about an archery coach would have to volunteer, why? I guess if you’re not the band director, who too, is a first year employee, then you are not worthy.

Obviously, this system isn’t fair and equitable to all. Moreover, it was also mentioned in the article that Murphy believes, “that this is the first time that the extracurricular activity salary schedule has directly been shared and discussed at this level with board members, or for that matter employees who are involved with activities involving students above and beyond a normal school day. I’m not sure if it is even legal to compensate some employees, and not compensate others, for performing like duties. I guess seeking legal advice on this issue could provide information concerning this issue.”

It shouldn’t matter “who you are, or what your position is,” as to how you are compensated. Consequently, that coach, director, adviser, or sponsor, wouldn’t even have that job if it weren’t for that activity that they are responsible for.

In conclusion, as board members, and the superintendent of schools, it’s your obligation to accurately identify every aspect concerning this issue and “Do the Right Thing.”

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.