To The Editor:

The recent article by Walter Williams (Dec. 11, 2013) called “Our Fragile Earth” should be read and posted in every school, and every EPA worker should be aware of those facts.

There is no power today that can destroy this earth, except the power that hung it in space, the Almighty God.

When man believed he was smarter than God, violence and corruption became universal. God sent a flood, and only eight souls were saved. Earth took time to heal, but it did.

Several years ago, we visited Sky City in New Mexico. The Indian who was our guide pointed to the miles of wasteland and told a great flood caused it. How those Indians built a city on top of a big rock was an amazing feat, and their most prized building was the church.

Now, the church (body of Christ) is the No. 1 target of the atheist movement. The freedoms set forth by our forefathers in the Constitution are being eroded by men who believe they know better how to take care of ourselves than we do.

Rules and regulations are strangling any opportunity for small business to succeed. My blood pressure goes up with each newscast coming from Congress or the Supreme Court. But . . .

There is a God in heaven, and there are consequences for our actions. I ask each one of you to read 11 Peter, especially the last chapter. Peter is writing his final words to believers, but the Word of God is for everyone with an open mind. When Jesus Christ returns in glory, the earth will melt with fervent heat, verse 10. This “Mother Earth” will not be the same.

In Noah’s day, the people were warned for many years while the ark was being built. The people scoffed at God’s message, kind of like today. In Matthew 24:37-39 Jesus tells us that “as in the days of Noah” He will return.

Today, the door of heaven is still open. His grace is sufficient for any who has the faith to believe.

Kathleen Branson