To The Editor:

A Hardee’s “Heat Up” campaign was held last Saturday morning in Washington.

A huge thank you to the many fine people who drove through Hardee’s to order their breakfast sandwich, the proceeds of which went toward the campaign.

The staff at Hardee’s provided the service and 14 men and women volunteers worked in hour shifts for four hours outside at the drive through order station and at the walk-up entrance to remind the patrons of the need.

Nearly $900 was collected for the “Heat Up” campaign. The proceeds will be distributed back to the community for those needing help with their heating bills. The temperature was in the 20s and 30s, ice and snow were on the ground but everyone loves a hot breakfast on a cold day and knew where to go.

Hardee’s took care to make sure all volunteers were identified by special aprons and were well fed and kept warm with hot coffee. Thank you, Hardee’s, for this event. The best question asked by a volunteer was, “Can we do this again next year?”

It’s amazing what can be accomplished by working together for others. Thank you, patrons, Hardee’s and volunteers.