To The Editor:

The professional firefighters of the St. Clair Fire Protection District would like to make it very clear to the taxpayers that, in no way, did any firefighters have any part of or knowledge of, the alleged actions of Eric Hinson.

We are sickened over this event as it has tarnished our reputation and the relationship we have with our public.

When this event was first reported, we vowed that the services we provide would not be interrupted or affected in any way, they have not. We have had people question our personal character, have had glares of disgust and heard the whispered comments when we patronize local businesses.

Through all the hardships, we have kept our promise. We are still as dedicated to the safety of our taxpayers as we were before. We will work tirelessly to prove that we have not and will not let you down. We ask that the people we serve trust and support us just as before.

We will do what it takes to preserve the legacy left to us from the firefighters of decades past. We will hold our heads high as we are proud of what we have and where we came from.

Rest easy, friends, when you need us, we will be there!