To The Editor:

I am not a young person, I am a great-grandmother and very sad.

I am sad because my children and grandchildren do not now, and will never again, have the freedoms I had as a child and young woman.

One precious memory I have as a very young girl is waving the American flag, walking in a parade going to our school picnic. It was June and everyone was singing and so proud to be an American, proud of our soldiers coming home after fighting and winning World War II. Is there any reader out there who remembers the song, “If you don’t like your Uncle Sammy, then you don’t like the Red, White and Blue, so go back to the land that you came from, don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you!”

I remember these words, but do not know the name of the song. It really doesn’t matter, what does matter is where are all the proud Americans now??

As I listen to the news and watch TV, one by one my rights and freedoms are being taken away. I don’t see more than one or two fellow countrymen willing to stand up for what is right and what America really stands for. I don’t include our U.S. military in the previous statement. Thank God for these brave men and women. I pray God will bless them.

To the point, let’s start with Easter. There are groups fighting to take Easter out of our vocabulary because it offends some small group of people. These same people say we Christians cannot use the word Christmas in public places any longer, because the word offends them. No more prayer in our public schools. A Christmas tree has become the holiday tree. What in the world is going on here?

Where are my Catholic brothers and sisters? Why are we letting this happen in our United States of America? We outnumber these people 10 to 1. We need to start fighting the ACLU, with pen and ink. We need to use our voices and let the world know who we are, let’s stop the ACLU (or as I will call them the SS) from dictating to us. In Germany the people were afraid of the SS, this is not Germany, this is America. We are Americans! We need to start acting like it.

Every Catholic and Christian needs to write their local, state and federal elected officials. Let them know we outnumber the opposition. We cherish our beliefs. We do not care if it offends some, let them go back to where they came from. This is our country. This is our America and we believe our country was founded as “one nation under God.”

I say again, go back to where you came from if you are offended by our beliefs and customs. We have God on our side for over 500 years. It is not up to courts to decide the will of the American people. Write, email, let our so-called representatives know how you feel. Let them know that we are the “most Americans.” Every time these representatives want to change a law, increase our taxes, or push their agenda they say “Most Americans agree with them.”

Now is the time, speak up with your pens and ink. Let these people know what God loves. Let them know who “most Americans” are.