To The Editor:

This letter concerns the roundabout on Washington Avenue and Independence Drive.

It did not need a roundabout since there was no bottleneck traffic. I spoke to various people and told them the roundabout would not work there for the trucks.

The Missourian had articles about the location of axles on some trucks, but some trailers have axles that are stationary and you cannot move them.

It is a safety hazard and would break up the concrete on the roundabout.

It would be no use to tell the aldermen or the engineers as they think they know everything since they have their certificate.

Now they have to tear it out.

The Missourian stated that the city does not have to pay for the redo and I hope this is correct.

Chances are the contractor will find something for the city to pay.

If the city builds a roundabout out at the college, ask them to speak to an over the road truck driver.

They will explain how much area is needed to turn corners.

Anthony (Tony) Holdmeyer