To The Editor:

Science has now proven there is no weight in outer space.

I once had a five-cent cup of coffee with Virgil Lewis at his St. Clair cafe. Straight talk was always stimulating.

If you are secure in your beliefs, you can shrug off criticisms. Bombastic buffoonery is amusing.

A factual answer to Jim Atkinson’s fine letter of Sept. 12 about the “costly efforts to close St. Clair airport” would be more germane.

The roads to growth construction hopes by 2016 should be preceded by paving pre-Civil War gravel streets within the St. Clair city limits and removing city-permitted trash disposal there.

The advisory that substantial growth is just around the corner is as creditable as weight in outer space.

In the mid-1970s Sam Walton came to St. Clair personally and was rejected.